Für die International conference on the human aspects of immersive media, die am 14. und 15. Dezember 2017 in Berlin stattfinden wird, können bis zum 10. September papers und proposals zum Thema “New Horizons in VR. Advances in Immersive Media for the Benefit of People” eingereicht werden.

Themen sind u. a.:

  • Theoretical and empirical approaches to immersive media research
  • Immersive media experience (presence, engagement, identification…)
  • Forms of communication through immersive media
  • Interaction with(in) immersive media, effects of immersive media
  • Learning/training through immersive media
  • Application of VR/AR for improvement of well being
  • Health/medical application of VR/AR     to extend diagnostics, treatments and rehabilitation
  • Improving patient satisfaction during hospitalization and quality of life for patients with chronic diseases
  • Violent interactions, griefing, and sexual harassment in immersive media, problematic use of immersive media
  • Design and implementation of Immersive media, including VR games
  • Methodology for studying immersive media

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